San Francisco-based designer and photographer Xuebing Du creates vibrant images of nature that look like something from another realm. The series of colorful photography evokes imaginary tales of an enchanted garden, where Du herself features as a pixie-like subject exploring and playing among the lush landscape.

In the series California, San Francisco-based designer and photographer Xuebing Du transports us to an intoxicating world of lush colours and delicious textures.

Her distinct photographic approach is a style she’s honed over years of taking photographs. She gravitates towards subjects she is particularly drawn to: plants, landscapes and florals. To document her refreshing Californian impressions, she uses close-ups rather than wide angles to draw our attention to small, otherwise banal elements, each image punctuated by intense saturated hues and playful compositions.

“I explore different shapes and forms I see throughout nature. Transforming everyday subject into something shiny and glowing is my approach to show my love for nature. What I’m trying to communicate with my shots is a close-up look of this beautiful detailed world of nature, somewhere between reality and fantasy.”

Credits: plainmagazine

All images © Xuebing Du

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