Re-Designing Nature

Uncoated platform presents the exhibition ‘‘Re-designing Nature’ in collaboration with XBank Amsterdam. The aim of this show is to support emerging Dutch photography talent by showing their works in a curated environment.

The works are for view and sale at X Bank Amsterdam.
See website here.
Address: Spuistraat 172 (Amsterdam).

Humans are part of nature and interact with it in many ways. This interaction is deeply beneficial for human well-being. Especially for reducing anger, fear and loss of pain. Nature deprivation is caused by increasing time spend in front of televisions and computers.

Due to technological enhancements the environments we live in are changing rapidly. Whereas 69% of the global population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050.

This exhibition researches how we as humans investigate, alter and shape our new habitat. Every photographer represents one of the pillars with their work.

In collaboration with Dutch photographers Lana Prins, Robert Peek and Maarten Rots.

The exhibition Re-Designing Nature will be on view at X BANK (Spuistraat 172, Amsterdam) until 14 March 2019.