How to design an Art Experience?

We consult artists and art related businesses on how they can optimize the art experience they offer.



We believe that we need to rethink how the art world is communicating to art enthusiasts. As we notice that a lot of people find themselves cut-off from being able to experience art. Especially the younger generation that grew up with social media, needs to be addressed in different ways.

This we would like to solve by consulting artists, institutions and brands about how they could design a visitor-focused experience around the art works presented.

Our Services

Experience Design

Designing experiences that speak to your (new) customers whilst making them feel part of your brand is of key importance. We believe that the art world needs a small revolution in their perspective on utilizing methods to include the customer in the brands experience. We aim to create a powerful, positive and emotional experience to generate an audience that connects with the narrative and the artist(s).

Spatial / Exhibition Design

The physical space where you and your (potential) customers will meet is crucial for the memories they will keep from you. An exhibition that is designed to engage the visitor and make them feel guided and at ease are of importance.

(Online) Marketing  Strategy

Positioning yourself as a distinctive player within the art world with a unique narrative is very important to build-up your customer base. Through a content strategy that answers both a need for your customers whilst developing a distinctive tone of voice, we will develop consistency and clarity about your brand.

About the Founder

Josephine de Fijter is a curator and experience designer that shakes your mind outside its comfort zone, and exposes you to drastically different viewpoints.

After successfully finalizing her Masters degree in the field of Marketing at the University of Amsterdam she has previously worked in the advertising industry. Now she wants to connect the art world with its enthusiasts by creating experiences that will engage the visitors to explore art. 

By founding uncoated platform and curating thematic exhibitions Josephine wants to bring a narrative forward that strengthens the discovery of contemporary photography.

Clients & Partners

Fotodok space for documentary photography
Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation
GlogauAIR artists residency Berlin
Ace & Tate
X BANK Amsterdam

Matthew Coleman
Inez Agnese
Lana Prins
Robert Peek
Maarten Rots

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