Polish photographer Karol Palka documents the wilting interiors of abandoned buildings during the communistic period.

The series show the interior of the Polana Hotel, a closed holiday facility once owned by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. These seemingly empty images are charged with history, ambition, and—ultimately—disaster. Edifice is a visual journey back to a time that according to Palka most people would like to forget. To remember he documents buildings that are the inheritance of the Communist regime.

‘’I have made the “Edifice” series to tell a story about power and its impermanence. The Edifice provides shelter, security, and peace while at the same time offering a sense of strength. However, this feeling is just an illusion, and the power—contrary to what those who wield it think—is not given over completely, but only for a limited moment in time. The spectre of demise is near, lurking just around the corner, just behind the cold and thick walls of grandiose ideas’’.

Exactly as Palka mentions we find it a unique way to be able to reflect on time and what has happened in the past. Unfortunately there are not many places left that preserve this history in its full glory. We think it is a tangible way of revisiting history.

© Karol Palka

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