Hsin Wang is a Taiwanese fine art photographer, currently based in Brooklyn. Her work is arresting through the intimate, honest and provocative approach, turning her personal stories into powerful metaphors and symbolic images of the complex relationship not only with the other, but with one’s own self.

''I have been using my photography to create a visual representation of my feelings about romantic relationships, called De-Selfing''.

After a major break up, I deeply believed that if I didn’t transform myself into a more likeable woman, there would be no more happiness in my life. So I started to dispose of everything that defined the old “me”-things I did, said, and even believed. I had chosen to “de-self” myself in order to please potential romantic partners.

Creating this series has been a therapeutic process for her. As it gave her the confidence to step by step pick herself up. This way she was able to hear her own voice again.

We find her words strong next to these visuals that seem liberating after being taken a hostage within yourself.

All images © Hsin Wang

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