GlogauAIR exhibition

In the group exhibition Identity Unveiled, Uncoated provided emerging photographers with a platform to shine a photographic light on the struggle of defining one’s identity. We examined how we can balance our role in the social system while discovering our identity. How connected to the ‘Self’ are people willing to be?  

The exhibition took place in a beautiful old house that functions as an artist residency.  Uncoated was asked to curate an exhibition in order to attract a new audience and to show how the space can be used. 

The exhibition was in collaboration with artists Inez Agnese, Matthew Coleman and two former GlogauAIR residents Carla Cabanas and Bruna Mayer.


Curatorial Concept

The ground flour consisting of 5 seperate rooms functioned each as a layer that builds upon the narrative being told. 

Room 1 Bruna Mayer - How do we construct our identity?
Room 2 Tom Hegen & Carla Cabanas - How does our environment influence our identity?
Room 3 Matthew Coleman - Rebirth of our Identity?

See on the right the video installation of Matthew Coleman. The meditative vibrations caused the water to move and disperse the projected image.


I see myself through you, you see yourself through me (2018)

Above portrayed work is an installation of Bruna Mayer. A living work that consists of funghi  and micro-organisms from the artist’s body. She shows us the sides of ourselves we normally do not find beautiful.



The exhibition has ended, it took place at GlogauAIR artists residency during 11-13 October 2018.