The Photo Room: Identity unveiled

Uncoated was asked to be part of the official Amsterdam Dance Event Art & Activism route. This is a special segment within the official ADE festival. A place where artists get the opportunity to share their view on important social issues and to create a dialogue with the audience about subjects that concern us all. 

We were so happy we could participate in the Art Route, particularly to show our story behind the The Photo Room.

The Photo Room is an immersive audio-visual art environment that aims to give the visitor a new perspective on emerging Art Photography. 

Are you actually someone different to the person you let others see? This question is at the heart of The Photo Room exhibition titled Identity Unveiled.

The exhibition examines what it is that makes us ‘human’ and how this can sometimes lead to internal conflict. To paraphrase the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas: I become me in the face of the other.

The photographic works are a collaboration of 12 internationally renown artists.  Together they make us aware of this paradox and we are drawn into their works. This exhibition is unique because it is a multi-media video installation which displays specially composed music together with visual projections. This puts the photographic art works into an entirely new perspective. The Photo Room is a visual experience for all the senses.

The Photo Room is a travelling art installation. For inquiries please contact us at

Special thanks to
Sound & Music  Atelier Francesco
Video editing & Animation Leonardo Franke
Art Director: Josephine de Fijter
Inigo Garayo

Participating artists:
✫ Synchrodogs
✫ Tom Hegen
✫ Inez Agnese
✫ Giuseppe Gradella
✫ Wonjun Jeong
✫ Matthew Coleman
✫ Bryce Willem
✫ Luke & Mandy
✫ Lana Prins
✫ Bruna Mayer
✫ Lisette Appeldorn
✫ Cristina Coral