Ace & Tate store take-over

Ace & Tate as the official Creative Fund Partner supporting Amsterdam Dance Event’s first ever Art and Activism programme asked uncoated to take-over their store. To bring the message forward that the struggle with the person we are versus the one that we show to the world is something we should start talking about.  In collaboration with photographers Tom Hegen and Matthew Coleman we therefore launched a mini-exhibition during ADE.


Curatorial thoughts explained

Josephine de Fijter is excited by the openness that dancefloors create. For ADE 2018, her project The Photo Room explores the theme ‘identity unveiled’. It takes form as a video installation, and it aims to capture and intrigue with new thoughts on how we might perceive ourselves in emerging and unexpected places, like the club.  
See published interview here.



Special thanks to
Sound & Music  Atelier Francesco
Video editing & Animation Leonardo Franke
Technical support: Jochem van Grieken
Art Director: Josephine de Fijter

Participating artists:
✫ Synchrodogs
✫ Tom Hegen
✫ Inez Agnese
✫ Giuseppe Gradella
✫ Wonjun Jeong
✫ Matthew Coleman
✫ Bryce Willem
✫ Luke & Mandy
✫ Lana Prins
✫ Bruna Mayer
✫ Lisette Appeldorn
✫ Cristina Coral