Give both emerging and established photographers a platform to showcase their work and connect with enthusiasts.


Uncoated consists of a studio and a platform. 

Uncoated Platform is a publishing house to showcase contemporary photography. By featuring artists on a daily basis the platform aims to bring the story of the artists forward. To make the barrier lower to start learning and experiencing art photography. We organize Photo Talks in Berlin to give photographers the chance to speak to a direct audience.

Uncoated studio designs concepts that connects artistic talent to brands.


- Experience art within a new perspective
- Talents get a stage 


Photography reflects on circumstances, which bring together disparate images or ideas so as to form new meanings and new configurations. This is the ground for uncoated; by making art photography accessible for everyone to experience. By curating thematic exhibitions Josephine de Fijter wants to bring a narrative forward that strengthens the discovery of contemporary photography. 


The surface of photographic paper is strangely uniform and resistant. The silver image seems to be on the surface or even on top of it, floating and dislocated from its base. The coating is the final technical process that divides the ‘core’ storyline of the photo with a varnish that finishes the photo to be shown.

Contact Us

Address Boddinstrasse 57-A, 12053 Berlin

Phone Number 0049 1590 588 4617

Email Address info@uncoated.de

Founder: Josephine de Fijter

USt-Id: DE317299724  


Graphic Design - Ieva Valule Concept Cruncher